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They spend three times as
much for prepared items ("value added") they could throw together
themselves and save. I'd hope fresh market shoppers aren't so clueless
I recently attended a seminar where one of the speakers was Judy Sharpton, a 
marketing professional that helped retail greenhouses and garden centers 
market to consumers.  Some of the things she talked about are universal to all 
retail businesses and may be something to think about as you prepare for the 
upcoming season.  I know I will be.

1. WOMEN still do the majority of the shopping.  The average age of women, 
now, is 40-65.
They are professionals who have very little time in their lives for cooking, 
gardening, cleaning, and all the other stuff that goes with living.  Gear your 
products to help them save time.  It IS added value to this powerful group of 

2. Because they have very little time in their lives, they will give YOU 
about 20 minutes of their time at your store/ market stand. If you can't make 
their lives easier in 20 minutes, they are going to walk away.

3. They like lots of information.  It empowers them to make informed 
decisions in that 20 minute window, so make sure you have info cards everywhere 
letting them know how this product is going to fit in with their life.  This is the 
added value to them!  Is it organic? Is it easy to prepare?  Got  a recipe?  
Is it planted in a container they can just take home and place on their deck?  

Make life easier for these shoppers and they will spend what you ask for the 
product.  It isn't clueless, it's time management in the hectic world that we 
live in.

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