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I'm not one to argue with success at anything, and you stay informed on the
mainstream commercial food industry.  But I suspect your demographics in
Mass. is very different from some other areas.  And I suspect buying for
value is more a factor that some other areas.  Other factors must come into
play everywhere though. We simply cannot ignore the effects of billions of
dollars spent on food advertising. But it works against us;  we can't plug
into that. I believe you and others like you are in fact reinventing the
wheel, but a very different wheel.  You point out customers don't know how
good your fresh produce is until they try it. I think that's the key.  You
are selling value, not image conjured up from Madison Avenue.  And your
customers are shopping for value, if that's what you're pointing out.  

I'm inclined to believe organics has been oversold in some ways, mainly by
big middlemen who only see $$$ in it. I'm more partial to the naturally
grown, local food movement.  Organics can come from a thousand miles away,
and often does. Organic is no assurance food has been vine ripened (not to
mention locally grown), and of course organic standards don't test what the
end user is getting, only for organic inputs.  So how exactly does
regionalism work in the Northeast? What does authenticity mean in practice?

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>I am working on it Paul!!!!

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