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They aren't clueless, Paul.
     They are buying based on value, and that's a perception based decision. 
We need to discover what their values are if we want to sell to them.

     Why not do an informal survey next time you are evaluating the basket in 
front of you in the grocery line? Ask them why they chose what they chose. 
You are after all a food professional and a simple conversation may give you the 
answers you are looking for. Most folks love to know that we care about what 
they need. 

     They are the experts about their lives. Maybe running all over town 
isn't something they have time or energy for. (Is it really a bargain if you have 
to spend a dollar to save a dime?) They perhaps haven't been introduced to the 
food items that you are targeting as being a better value. Or maybe they 
don't have the expertise to 'throw something together'. Cooking a meal isn't as 
easy a thing as those of us who do this for a living make it out to be. Many 
young folks didn't grow up in that tradition. Let's see if we can offer them the 
convenience that they want, along with the healthier foods that we can 
provide. For example, don't just sell lettuce mix, sell a salad!! It could mean just 
a small difference on packaging for us but a huge difference in the way the 
customer perceives the value of the item that they are buying. 

     Don't forget to let them know where they can buy your most wonderful 
stuff and give them an incentive (a free lb. of tomatoes, for example) the next 
time they come to your market.


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