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Thanks everyone.  We are going to head over to Sam's today I think and
see what they have.  From Lucy and Willie's comments, I think we will
eliminate the Caravan. One problem that I see (only looking on-line for
suppliers) is that you get the choice of Red, White, and Blue covers.
Just found this place, and the prices seem better than others I have
looked at:


And thanks ddunbar, for that extra confirmation. ;-)

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On Wed, Feb 09, 2005 at 07:02:45AM -0500, Lucy Goodman wrote:
> I really like our EZ-Up. I believe we have an 
> ExpressII model which cost around $250 from 
> Van Raalt (They are on the web. these prices 
> are from about 5 years ago) I have tried the 
> cheaper EZ Ups and have watched others 
> destroy the cheaper units bought at Sam's 
> Club at various markets. The cheaper units 
> are not very strong and have a crazy support 
> system (and i noticed the Caravan units have 
> the same support system as the cheaper EZUps.

I agree that the cheap EZUps are less durable.  The ones with 
fiberglass bows and low tops.  However, I believe SAMs has been selling 
Express IIs for less than $200.  And, I have not seen any of the poorer 
quality ones at SAMs.

Does anyone have a good source for replacement tops?  Especially custom 
made ones with graphics on the valances?

My Caravan has a steel frame.  Aluminum is offered, but, since I was 
not worried about the weight, I got steel thinking that it would be a 
bit more durable.  After less than a year's use, the paint is flaking 
off and it is rusting.

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