[Market-farming] Canopy

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Wed Feb 9 07:02:45 EST 2005


I'll bet a lot of that heat is coming off the 
surface you are selling on. Consider getting 
a rug and putting that down under your 
tables. the rug not only cuts heat 
dramatically but is also a big draw for 
customers. once I even sold a ratty old 
oriental I used to use for $75 bucks to some 
woman at a market i used to go to.

I really like our EZ-Up. I believe we have an 
ExpressII model which cost around $250 from 
Van Raalt (They are on the web. these prices 
are from about 5 years ago) I have tried the 
cheaper EZ Ups and have watched others 
destroy the cheaper units bought at Sam's 
Club at various markets. The cheaper units 
are not very strong and have a crazy support 
system (and i noticed the Caravan units have 
the same support system as the cheaper EZUps.

If you are going to be in this line of work 
as a career than invest in a shelter and 
don't go cheap here.

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Organics
New Paris, OH

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