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GreenMrkt at aol.com GreenMrkt at aol.com
Tue Feb 8 17:59:51 EST 2005

It depends on how long you want the canopy to last. 
We bought an EZ up clone and it lasted about a year, then we bought a real EZ 
UP and it's much sturdier. The EZ UP we bought on Ebay, got a great deal.

I also made a canopy cover for mine last year, bought some sunbrella fabric 
also on ebay, and it gave us the distictive look we were looking for. Customers 
knew to look for our canopy cover to find us.  So I would say that it's 
definately worth it to buy the quality canopy. Otherwise you'll be buying a new 
canopy every year, and that's not very sustainable.


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