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Most would probably agree that a business sense and sound principles are
needed in any business. But direct food sales - farm to consumer - IS
something other than commodity production and marketing. It's not like
buying off the supermarket shelf at all. To be successful it needs to be
treated as relationship, the grower's connection to the buyer. It's the
difference between buying a car off the lot and buying from a friend or
neighbor.  Buying from someone you come to know and trust is that
difference. They're not just buying beans or tomatoes, they're buying into
a relationship.  This can be important to buyers, and growers who don't
value that personal connection are missing something that may well save
their bottom line. I suspect successful market farmers know this very well.

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>It seems to me that there are business models already in place, but that
>are talking about farming as if it's something other than commodity
>A good book to learn about sustainable and profitable farming is Making
>Small Farm Profitable by Macher, great book for beginners and those who
>confused about how to apply basic business principles to Market Gardening.

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