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So is Kinsey the guy to go with for a test on SE Colo soils? We're pretty
arid right here and I haven't been able to decide who to use. It's a whole
different game than the eastern soils. And from what I've been reading since
I do so much irrigating and some years have very limited rainfall, I
probably should also have a paste extract done using my irrigation water?
Any thoughts?

The more I read, the more convinced I am that the trace minerals are even
more important than we realize.

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> Well, I hope everyone is in agreement that they want an
> Albrecht-style soil test and not something specificially Kinsey. (Did
> I miss something?) On the East coast, one would probably want to go
> with Logan Labs rather than, what? Perry Labs that Kinsey uses. In
> the Mid-Atlantic, Jerry Brunetti is probably the best soils
> consultant you can work with (Logan Labs, AFAIK) Brunetti's business
> is www.agri-dynamics.com. I don't think soil work is mentioned on the
> page but you can contact his office (and him) at
> jbrunetti at agri-dynamics.com.
> Kinsey is charging $50 for new client's tests right now. Brunetti
> charges $60 for the first test, AFAIK. It is often said that the
> Albrecht method is not relevant on Eastern soils. I personally do not
> agree with this. (And, in fact, am in the process of writing a paper
> challenging the SARE studies that created this belief) You should,
> however, be forwarned. Big advantage of working with Jerry Brunetti
> is that he is better equipped to give interpretation and
> recommendations for East coast soils and gardens than is
> West-of-the-Mississipi broadacre man Neal Kinsey.
> -Allan Balliett
> Who knows a thing or two about East coast red clay
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