[Market-farming] don't know beans about beans

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Mon Feb 7 17:33:44 EST 2005

I'm full of beans but swamped at the moment. I'll be happy to help once 
things slow down, if I can.

Right off the bat, though:

We've had mixed results allowing pole beans to sprawl. how's that for no 

Can't help with the seed but I'd try one of the dry bean associations and 
ask for some contacts. It should be easy for the cranberries and canellini. 
Don't know the Dutch bean but you can get big$$$ for tarbais. Currently 
about $8-10 a pound (at retail) for imported! I don't care for them but they 
are the correct bean for French cassoulet and a hardocre foodie is willing 
to pay.


Rancho Gordo
New World Specialty Food

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>I am looking for commercial quantities of dry bean seeds--up to 
>300#/variety. Some of the varieties I am looking for are:
> tarbais,dutch white runner,cranberry,cannelini.
> I believe I want bush varieties only. Has anyone out there been involved 
> in large scale production of dry beans?
> Do I need to grow only bush varieties for mechanical harvest? will pole 
> beans produce if allowed to sprawl and
> will they tangle the harvesting equipment. Any how-to information and 
> suggestions for bush type specialty
> varieties and sources for large quantities of seed would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> Steven Rogers
> singingpigfarm at earthlink.net
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