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Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Mon Feb 7 13:32:35 EST 2005

Well, I hope everyone is in agreement that they want an 
Albrecht-style soil test and not something specificially Kinsey. (Did 
I miss something?) On the East coast, one would probably want to go 
with Logan Labs rather than, what? Perry Labs that Kinsey uses. In 
the Mid-Atlantic, Jerry Brunetti is probably the best soils 
consultant you can work with (Logan Labs, AFAIK) Brunetti's business 
is www.agri-dynamics.com. I don't think soil work is mentioned on the 
page but you can contact his office (and him) at 
jbrunetti at agri-dynamics.com.

Kinsey is charging $50 for new client's tests right now. Brunetti 
charges $60 for the first test, AFAIK. It is often said that the 
Albrecht method is not relevant on Eastern soils. I personally do not 
agree with this. (And, in fact, am in the process of writing a paper 
challenging the SARE studies that created this belief) You should, 
however, be forwarned. Big advantage of working with Jerry Brunetti 
is that he is better equipped to give interpretation and 
recommendations for East coast soils and gardens than is 
West-of-the-Mississipi broadacre man Neal Kinsey.

-Allan Balliett
Who knows a thing or two about East coast red clay

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