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Re: [Market-farming] veggie crates and coolersYes, the yellow one from Monte looks like the ones I have seen used.  They worked well with cherries.  Once you make the mistake of trying to stack, and find out you turned the lug the wrong way, and end up nesting, you will not do it again.  

If you are using them for tomatoes, I am sure you will get two layers (maybe three depending on the size of toms) in a lug although with three layers they could get heavy.  

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    >I am looking for two kinds:

    plastic tomato flats for taking tomatoes to the farmers market and
    delivering to restaurants. I have found plans in a Growing for Market to
    make wooden ones, but have seen plastic ones around and wonder how much
    they cost.

    Beth  --  Are up familiar with the large grape/cherry lugs used in upstate NY?  Although the top is open, they can either nest or stack.  No idea on supplier or price.

  Are those the yellow ones from Monte?


   30# Blueberry Lug, Yellow, Stackable
   * 23 1/2 x 15 3/4 x 7
   * Minimum Quantity: 10 Each
  * Price for Each: $8.50

  I see they also have a green plastic mesh tomato tray at $.09 each

  Leigh Hauter

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