[Market-farming] veggie crates and coolers

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Mon Feb 7 07:30:41 EST 2005

Try http://www.buckhorninc.com they are a 
plastic company that makes a lot of different 
types of crates for a lot of different kinds 
of applications including crates that hold 
produce. I bought 50 gray stacking and 
nesting crates about 4 years ago from them 
for something like $7.50 each. I love them, 
they are easy to clean (a wooden bushel 
basket cannot really be well cleaned), they 
stack in the fridge and nest together for 
storage. They do not have lids (but Buckhorn 
does make a couple of lidded crates). Mine 
are at least 4 years old and I expect to get 
at least another 10 years out of them. A guy 
that sells next to me at a farmers market has 
some of these lugs that are at least 20 years 
old and they are in fine shape.

As for things staying crisper in a lidded 
crate. Yes they do unless you put a towel 
over top of the lidless crate or put things 
into plastic bags and than into the lidless 
crates. For leafy greens what I do is after 
washing I line the crate with a towel and put 
the greens in that fold the towel over top of 
the greens so they are swaddled in toweling. 
this keeps things crispy for about 5 days in 
the fridge. for berries i pick into pulp 
tills than cover the tills with plastic wrap 
than they go into lugs

Lucy Goodman

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