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hi folks

we use lots of dutch bulb crate s 

they last many years and are very high quality but do not fold 

try www.ednieflowerbulb.com/  as a source  should be ~ 1.25 each but shipping can be as high as $ 4 ea 
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> On Sun, Feb 06, 2005 at 09:45:51PM -0500, Beth Spaugh wrote: 
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> > >I would love advice on where to get reasonably priced crates for veggies. 
> You might try googling on "chep". They are supplying reusable plastic 
> crates to bigger growers here in Texas. When empty, CHEP picks them up 
> from participating grocery stores and cleans them up. So, the growers 
> are renting them. Cost is $1.25 or more, so they are more expensive 
> than cardboard boxes. I bought some $1 grey market crates which I find 
> very handy for potato and onion storage; potatoes, we just hose them off 
> in the crates. They are not so good for tomatoes because they leave 
> imprints. They fold down to 1-1.5" thickness for storage. 
> Acquisition: I don't think CHEP will sell them to you, but you can 
> check. I bought mine (several hundred) from a produce dealer in a 
> terminal market. For just a few, you can probably sweet talk a 
> cooperative produce manager at a grocery store. 
> For limited ventilation storage of greens, the nesting fold over lidded 
> solid boxes (about 1 bu) you buy at WalMart etc are very good. They 
> can be found as low as about $5. 
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