[Market-farming] FW: [ET-ANN] Micro-biotechnologies for Urban agriculture

Marty Kraft martyk at allspecies.org
Sun Feb 6 10:26:17 EST 2005

This might be of interest to some.

Marty Kraft
Kansas City

From: Jacky Foo <foo at STOCKHOLM.BOSTREAM.SE>
Reply-To: Jacky Foo <foo at STOCKHOLM.BOSTREAM.SE>
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 15:39:31 +0100
Subject: [SPAM][ET-ANN] Micro-biotechnologies for Urban agriculture

Declaration of Intention

 'Economic Impacts of Micro-biotechnologies for Urban Agriculture at the
Household Level' (tentative title) is a proposed session of the Internet
Conference on Biotechnology and Bioengineering in Africa (2005)

This e-Session will be conducted in a Webforum and exchange of email
messages for 3 weeks. The e-discussion will focus at economic impacts of
case studies in Africa and includes the scope related to bioconversion
technologies that can be managed by an African household for production
of e.g. fuel, fertiliser, fodder and food and fiber; and that offers an
economic gain to the family.  Special attention will be given to the
integrated use of biosystems for the generation of value-added products
and income.

This e-mail declares that preparations for such an E-session is on-going
and seeks  :
(a) assistance from volunteers to join the organizing committee
(b) papers/reports/webpages on case studies on such bioconversion
      technologies, e.g. composting, vermiculture, insect larvae
      biogas, innovative use of under-utilised biowaste or resources as
      fodder, biofiber production, integrated biosystems, etc.

Contact person:
Jacky Foo
foo at stockholm.bostream.se

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