[Market-farming] customer/vendor ratio at FM's

JOHN A HENDRICKSON jhendric at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 2 18:48:05 EST 2005

Profit margin or net income is obviously far more important!  The reason
I asked for gross and not net is that, in my experience, growers are
more comfortable sharing gross profit information than net (personal)
income.  It is also my experience that some growers do not know what
their profit margin is but can tick off what a decent haul is at the
market very easily.  And no, I don't think it is irrelevant.  It is a
starting point for a topic that does not get enough open discussion. 
There is too little talk about the economics of market farming, when
making a decent living from farming is the biggest challenge...even with
all the pests and weeds and employee management issues.  This list is
designed to allow people to share information that helps others.  I
think sharing honest discussion about the financial side of market
farming if a healthy topic for this listserve.  Others may disagree. 
But you know, sharing profit margin is perhaps the best route to go, if
people have that information.  Sharing a percentage is far easier than
sharing figures with the ol' $ sign in front, like gross or net.  -John

> Isn't it kind of irrelevant unless you know how much it costs to 
> make that
> money? I could bring in $500 a day but if it costs me $400 in seed, 
> labor,gas, etc, what does that figure mean? 

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