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I'm one too that would like to know the upside potential. My fellow vendors can help too with ideas and suggestions for my sales or maybe things they notice that my customers might not tell me. It inspires me to know that someone else might have made $XXX that day.  I may expect my sales to be lower or higher depending on their philosophy and what they're selling. If someone else is selling meat, they're going to have a higher $ in sales and they also have a higher cost to produce it, but I think most people can figure that out.

I'd like to see more info on #s and $s
Maybe we could just make an email form for folks to complete with the basic questions?  I'm not even sure how many customers our market had, so that'd be a good place for me to start!

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  Steve Sando said it might cost $400 to make $500 in sales at the farmer's market. How can it possibly cost that much? That is only a 20% gross profit margin. My gross profit margins stay in the 65% range and I sell wholesale so my prices are well below what I see at farmer's markets. Seed is cheap, it runs me about 2.5% of my gross sales. Also, I don't get discouraged or resentful when I talk to fellow farmers who are doing better than I am. It encourages and inspires me because it lets me know how much upside potential is available. That's jsut me, I try to put a positive spin on things. 

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