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Also, I don't get discouraged or resentful when I talk to fellow farmers who 
are doing better than I am. It encourages and inspires me because it lets me 
know how much upside potential is available. That's just me, I try to put a 
positive spin on things. 
I agree with the above.  Most of the vendors at Dane County Farmer's Market 
are <very> willing to tell other vendors how they did that day.  Most are 
supportive and willing to share.  If they hear that your sales weren't good they 
will offer suggestions.  Good business people mentor those around them!  
Remember, you get what you give in the world :-)

Steve, if it takes you $400 to make $500, then something is not working in 
your business plan.  I would encourage you to take a hard look at your numbers 
and find where you are losing money and then eliminate that product, or find a 
better way to produce it.  Quick Books is an excellent tool for checking your 
bottom line.  Our gross profit margins run around 85%.  Last year we had to 
run lower than that because of poor spring weather that kept most people out of 
their gardens until the end of June.  In order to move product we offered our 
potted plants at a reduced price.  I also suggest the book "Sell What You Sow" 
by Eric Gibson.

John, I'll send you my numbers directly.
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