[Market-farming] customer/vendor ratio at FM's

JOHN A HENDRICKSON jhendric at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 2 09:41:10 EST 2005

Barb beat me to the punch.  While I'm not a vendor at the large and fine
market in Madison (actually named the Dane County Farmers' Market see
http://www.madfarmmkt.org/index.asp), I knew the numbers.  Past surveys
have also shown that those 20,000 people that come on Saturdays spend an
average of $20 at the market and $20 more at other downtown businesses.
 Yes, downtown businesses, politicos, etc. love the market!

If folks are willing, I'd like to add something to this request for
market info.  I am curious about average and peak gross daily income at
farmers' markets.  I've collected such information from growers at
varous markets around Wisconsin and would like to hear from others about
what they take home after a day at market.  If folks want to reply off
list, I can compile and then post the $ information without indentifiers.


> If you have, and are 
> willing to share, the following information 
> -- 1) average number of vendors; 2) average 
> number of customers-- I would greatly 
> appreciate it.

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