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Wed Feb 2 09:11:10 EST 2005

Hey Suzie,

How funny that you ask this because just yesterday I received our annual 
report for our FM in Madison, WI.  Here are the numbers reported for 2004:

Saturday FM- ~20,000 customers and ~150 vendors each week

Market Survey of our customers say that the best part of the market is "lots 
of people" and the worst part of the market is "too many people"   ;-)

Wednesday FM- ~2000 customers and ~40 vendors each week

This market is limited to the people that work within a few blocks and actual 
buying time that is limited because of work schedules.  So their buying times 
are before work/during a morning break/and lunch time.

Winter  Market occurs at the Monona Terrace (indoors)- ~1500 customers and ~ 
45 vendors each week
This market has serious shoppers who have deliberately come to buy.

Another winter market at the Madison Senior Center (indoors)- ~500 customers 
and ~20 vendors
The difference between the two winter markets is the months of the winter 
when they occur.  Monona Terrace is Nov/Dec and Senior Center is Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr.

Vendors spend ~$35/year in promotional costs to bring ~600,000 customers to 
the market.  WOW!  That is one good deal.

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