[Market-farming] Fingerling potatoes:certified seed

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hi all have to concur with discussion re using  certified  potato seed pieces
store' left overs' are adisaster waiting to happen 

http://www.fedcoseeds.com/......aka moose tubers  is a good source 

we buy from rockey farms in center colorado  selling both conventional and organic colcorado certified seed   great results ..higher yields and disease free 
 they have fingerlings as well as ...all blue ,yukons german butter ball etc 

Rockey Farms                         719-754-3744
Verlin and Warren Rockey           719-754-3702 (FAX)
48284 County Rd. C                719-754-3676
Center, CO 81125         719-580-0048
E-mail: potech at fone.net
719-588-5726 Sheldon


3 Roy Crawford Lane
Santa Fe' New Mexico
cell 505 9203421
office/fax 505 9898337

> On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 11:35:16PM -0500, Craig Gilbert wrote:
> > I understand seed potato is tested for disease (not sure which but: fungus,
> > blight, others). Once these get in your soil, you can forget good crops of
> > potatoes. One vendor at our market suggested I not buy her blue potato for
> > seed or fingerlings as she had had problems with poor crops. I would
> > hesitate planting culls that perhaps are not healthy.
> Thanks for the comments!
> These are retail packaged potatoes that the grocery store thought were 
> too old to sell; they look good to me.  I will give them up to a month 
> to start sprouting before I put them in the ground.
> I use only about two acres each year for potatoes and am able to 
> maintain about a 5 year rotation.
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