[Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Busters

TxBeeFarmer txbeefarmer at hotpop.com
Thu Dec 15 20:45:29 EST 2005

here's a sweep http://www.nicholstillagetools.com/products/images/klipcp_400-thumb.jpg

here's a couple of busters on a diamond draw bar http://www.fourbros.com/images/mid_buster.jpg

hope this helps.

Mark (West Texas - Zone 7b)
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  Hi all:)

  Boy, farm machinery sure requires you to learn lots of new terms.

  Mark, in Texas, what exactly are "busters" and "sweeps". I often find myself scratching my head due to my lack of knowledge on farm machinery.

  To make matters worse some folks even use different names, or even the same names for different types of equipment.

  Seems that there are also lots of things you need to know about disks,and coulters and sweeps in terms of application, cut etc.

  Appreciate any light you can shed since you obviously know your stuff. Frank in KY 


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