[Market-farming] Re: Market-farming Digest, Vol 21, Issue 25

sora at coldreams.com sora at coldreams.com
Sat Oct 30 16:32:18 EDT 2004

>. We made a few attempts to get them to
> bend
> the rules to no avail. In the end it all worked out, we had a successful
> market year, the county got their permits and we are on good terms to open
> the market next year. Good luck!
> Shelly
Our market is in its 20th year.  Every year the city council demands that
we, the Market, beg permission of the City Council to exist in the City
parking lot.  There are 4 on city council.  2 are married owners of the
only local commercial greenhouse operation.  Every year they vote against
us.  The other 2 are avid supporters.  Every year the Mayor breaks the tie
in our favor.  Last year we discovered that the parking lot, which is very
close to the Highway, is actually owned by the State Highway department,
who has given us permanant permission.  Do we still go through the
nonsence of appearing to beg permission of the City....you bet.  The
market is a fragile thing...we do whatever it takes to appease whoever. 
It's all part of the business of Market management......Sora at Paradise
Valley Organics
And gopher traps?  Never had much luck with those...mostly just pulled
them off the dog's paws.........

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