[Market-farming] Gophers

Bill Bradshaw billbradshaw at direcway.com
Sat Oct 30 11:02:30 EDT 2004

Allan, the traps are not baited with anything.( I use victor gopher traps)
The traps are set and placed in the run. I then place a board over the hole
to cover all but a very small point of light. When the gopher comes to plug
the hole (or cover up the light) he passes through the trap and is caught.
Be sure to tie a wire to the trap and secure it to the ground. I have had
gophers pull the traps into the ground. Also in my area coyotes and dogs
will sometime dig up the traps with the caught gopher. TB

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> >Use Traps they work and are organic. We keep them off about 30 acres.
Took a
> >while, but when a new one shows up he gets the trap. Not only that but
> >I hold up the trap and am looking at that sucker I know I got that one.
> >TexasBill
> BILL - What are you baiting with? -Allan
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