[Market-farming] Bureaucrats aand licenses

Adriana gutierrez-lagatta at charter.net
Sat Oct 30 08:25:30 EDT 2004

In Alabama they cannot charge farmers a business license, even if they want 
to direct-market.  BUT do not sell ONE thing that you do not produce on that 
property on your farm stand or you come under business licensing and zoning 
regulations.  What I see different about your case is: 1.  It's a group of 
farmers, not an individual and 2. All but the owner of the land is probably 
selling product produced "off-property".    Talk with your agricultural 
extension service people, they may have some insights to offer. Also, if you 
have a State-wide Farm Bureau or other organization they will probably be 
able to offer advice and tell you how to work the political angles.  It may 
be as simple as getting a waiver passed through the county council.  But I 
agree ...DO NOT PISS THEM OFF!  If need be, pay the permit, then work the 

...but a group assembled to do business might need a special waiver...
> In Arizona, there are statutory prohibitions against the licensing,
> permitting, taxing, etc., of growers who are selling their stuff. 
> However,
> there's nothing specific about an organization consisting of farmers
> gathering those farmers together to sell their stuff in one place.


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