[Market-farming] Gophers

Leigh Hauter lh at pressroom.com
Fri Oct 29 23:14:45 EDT 2004

Isn't there a terrier bred for just this sort of task.  A fox terrier 
was bred to go down fox dens and dispose of the fox. And then there 
are rat terriers. I would research this 'natural' cure if I was 
overrun with gophers, and if they populated my countryside to such an 
extent that they would be a recurring problem. Something like a wire 
terrier if you can find one that hasn't had its hunting instincts 
bred out of it.

At 13:40 -0700 10/29/04, sora at coldreams.com wrote:
>  >>
>>  Yeah, I tried castor oil, but with little success.  Then I tried those
>>  battery-run beepers.  They DID work, sort of.  What they did was move the
>>  gophers about 40 yards over, where they set up again!  I'm now using
>>  gopher gassers, those things that look like giant firecrackers and purport
>>  to kill the gophers in their holes.  You have to dig down "near" a gopher
>>  mound, to find a runway.  Best place to prospect for one is to look at a
>>  fresh gopher mound which will have 3 mounds in a fan shape with the final
>>  mound, where the gopher plugged the access hole, inside the fan.  You dig
>>  down under this final mound and hope to get a runway. It will be about a
>>  foot and a half down.  Then you light the gasser, put it in, and fill back
>>  the hole so the gas stays in.  Quite labor intensive, but seems to work!
>Yeah...tried the battery beepers last year...there was one right in the
>middle of the garlic....sigh.  I've also been using the gassers, and had
>the most success with them. I can usually find the runways by just walking
>around in the garden, if the ground seems real soft and I start to sink,
>it's usually a runway.   One thing I've learned is that the gophers are
>light sensitive.  If they see light coming into the tunnel they actually
>build fire walls that can protect them from the gas.  Therefore...once I
>find the tunnel, I make sure to keep it covered until I'm ready to gas and
>throw!  I have a friend who uses a pipe attached to their
>exhaust...cheaper than the firecrackers.  Any idea just how Organic the
>gassers are considered?
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