[Market-farming] get a rope/ was Market Legal Problems --Assistance Requested

cheselka at theriver.com cheselka at theriver.com
Fri Oct 29 20:03:03 EDT 2004

Thanks for all the response sofar.

In Arizona, there are statutory prohibitions against the licensing,
permitting, taxing, etc., of growers who are selling their stuff.  However,
there's nothing specific about an organization consisting of farmers
gathering those farmers together to sell their stuff in one place.

I agree (of course!!) with the comments about the freedom of assembly, but
as others have pointed out, it seems more to do with the bringing together
of farmers to sell their veggies that the county is having kittens over.

In order to protect the private landowner, we've pretty much decided to
shut down the market until we can work all this out.  I won't be affected
(much) becuase I can go back to my little one-man show at the feed store. 
However, the integrity of the market might be compromised for a while,
which is a shame.

Ah, growing pains.....

Please -- any other advice or ideas will be eagerly accepted!

Happy growin'!

Matt Cheselka
Cosmic Lettuce

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