[Market-farming] get a rope/ was Market Legal Problems -- Assistance Requested

Tradingpost tradingpost at gilanet.com
Fri Oct 29 18:15:31 EDT 2004

In case the AZ crazies are snooping here, that was a joke about "get a rope". Do it legally.

paul at largocreekfarms.com

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On 10/29/2004 at 3:42 PM Tradingpost wrote:

>A permit to assemble on private land? No Arizona statute stipulating that
>we're free and clear to do what we want?
>Anybody else think this is absurd? Since when is everything against the
>law that's not specifically permitted? Has Arizona gone communist?  Do
>churches need an assembly permit? How about yard sales? 
>Get a lawyer. Accuse them of communist ideas, see how they react. Better
>yet, get a rope.
>paul at largocreekfarms.com
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>On 10/29/2004 at 4:54 PM cheselka at theriver.com wrote:
>>Hello Everyone.  Wow has it been a great 10 months!
>>Our little Farmers' Market has been up and running for several weeks now
>>and it's been going really really really great.  However, the county has
>>gotten wind of us (as a result of a "troublemaker") and is now wanting us
>>to obtain a "Special Events Permit" so we can continue to run the market
>>where we are.
>>Here's the details:  We're running the market on private land located in
>>the county.  The county powers-that-be admit that they don't have a
>>category for us, but are requiring us to have a permit to assemble local
>>farmers at this location to sell their fruits and veggies (we're a
>>"producers only" market).  The attorneys who work for the county seem to
>>agree with this since there is no Arizona statute stipulating that we're
>>free and clear to do what we want.  It's the fact that we're an
>>organization (the San Pedro Valley Farmers' Market) on county land doing
>>commerce -- or allowing commerce to happen -- that has them all bent out
>>So my question is this:  has anyone else experienced similar trouble and
>>what did you do about it?  Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what
>>to do next, I'm all ears.  Feel free to ask more questions if I haven't
>>been clear enough on certain points.  I've cc-ed out market manager on
>>email just in case you want to talk to her instead.
>>Thanks, y'all!  Happy growin'!
>>Matt Cheselka
>>Cosmic Lettuce
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