[Market-farming] Market Legal Problems -- Assistance Requested

cheselka at theriver.com cheselka at theriver.com
Fri Oct 29 16:54:32 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone.  Wow has it been a great 10 months!

Our little Farmers' Market has been up and running for several weeks now
and it's been going really really really great.  However, the county has
gotten wind of us (as a result of a "troublemaker") and is now wanting us
to obtain a "Special Events Permit" so we can continue to run the market
where we are.

Here's the details:  We're running the market on private land located in
the county.  The county powers-that-be admit that they don't have a
category for us, but are requiring us to have a permit to assemble local
farmers at this location to sell their fruits and veggies (we're a
"producers only" market).  The attorneys who work for the county seem to
agree with this since there is no Arizona statute stipulating that we're
free and clear to do what we want.  It's the fact that we're an
organization (the San Pedro Valley Farmers' Market) on county land doing
commerce -- or allowing commerce to happen -- that has them all bent out of

So my question is this:  has anyone else experienced similar trouble and
what did you do about it?  Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to what
to do next, I'm all ears.  Feel free to ask more questions if I haven't
been clear enough on certain points.  I've cc-ed out market manager on this
email just in case you want to talk to her instead.

Thanks, y'all!  Happy growin'!

Matt Cheselka
Cosmic Lettuce

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