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Yeah, I tried castor oil, but with little success.  Then I tried those battery-run beepers.  They DID work, sort of.  What they did was move the gophers about 40 yards over, where they set up again!  I'm now using gopher gassers, those things that look like giant firecrackers and purport to kill the gophers in their holes.  You have to dig down "near" a gopher mound, to find a runway.  Best place to prospect for one is to look at a fresh gopher mound which will have 3 mounds in a fan shape with the final mound, where the gopher plugged the access hole, inside the fan.  You dig down under this final mound and hope to get a runway. It will be about a foot and a half down.  Then you light the gasser, put it in, and fill back the hole so the gas stays in.  Quite labor intensive, but seems to work!

Dave Campbell
Tiffin IA 

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> > No voles here but Lots of gophers and deer...the deer don't bother the 
> garlic but the gophers ate my whole crop last year...Anyone out there 
> have gopher solutions? I'm in sandy soils with little rock, Gopher 
> Paradise, and in reality there's got to be 100's of them. Any one tried 
> the castor oil repellents? Sora at Paradise Valley 
> Organics. 
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