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Noticed your post. I just purcahsed a rechargable cordless wet-dry vac from QVC, fully intending to use it in the gardens on squash bugs and Japanese beetles. Although I haven't used it yet and can't give an opinion on how well it will work, wanted you to know that there is such an item. As I recall it costs less than $30.
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I still have not pulled some old kale plants that have been hit by harlequin bugs because I have been at a loss of what to do with all those plants that have oodles of bugs crawling all over them.  

I have decided to invest in the shop vac that was discussed earlier.  Is there a certain type of shop vac that I should get for vacuuming up bugs?  I will also need about 100 feet of extension cord.  I must admit that I thought the shop vac idea was pretty strange until now when I have not come up with any better ideas for cleaning up these bugs for the season.

Knoxville, MD
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