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Mon Oct 25 20:21:54 EDT 2004

Margaret wrote:

>  This year the voles are so bad that I am nervous about planting the garlic.

Find a nice cat rescue society and tell them that you need some barn 
cats.  Most of these societies have a bunch of great feral cats that need a 
home with lots of hunting and no humans bothering them -- and if you're a 
farmer, most of these societies won't charge you for the cats.

>Need I be worried about the voles eating the roots of the garlic?

I've never had a vole eat the garlic -- gophers, however, will.  Of course, 
we have great feral cats at the community garden, so our vole problem is 
very small.

>How about the deer eating the tops?  (I know goats will eat the tops.)

Deer will not eat any alliums.  This is the PRIMARY reason I decided to 
specialize in garlic -- deer HATE it. Unfortunately, feral cats will not 
help your deer problem and if you're in an urban area like me, the deer 
will simply continue to multiply.  But at least they won't eat the garlic, 
no matter how hungry they get.

>What can be done to get rid of the voles?

Cats, cats, cats.  My Border Collie is pretty good, too, but feral/barn 
cats don't want to come in the house on rainy days! ;-)

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