[Market-farming] garlic and voles

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Mon Oct 25 20:03:40 EDT 2004

Speaking of garlic, I'm about to plant about 1000 cloves of the Music 
variety.  We turned over an acre or so of sod beginning in March, and since then our 
vole problem has worsened.  I would guess that 95% of our garlic last year 
successfully formed nice bulbs, but I assume I was just lucky.  This year the 
voles are so bad that I am nervous about planting the garlic.

Need I be worried about the voles eating the roots of the garlic?  
How about the deer eating the tops?  (I know goats will eat the tops.)

Also, I have heard that planting a cover crop of rye will exacerbate the vole 
problem.  What is your experience?  What cover crops could be planted 
instead?  I have access to Dutch ladino clover but the variety of cover crop seed at 
the feed store is limited. They do not carry hairy vetch.  Perhaps I will try 
other feed stores.  

What can be done to get rid of the voles?  It has been suggested to me that I 
buy milky spore powder to kill the Japanese beetle grubs so that the moles 
that make tunnels for the voles will haves less food to eat.  

Hope someone can give me advice in this busy time.

Knoxville, MD
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