[Market-farming] Jicima

Pat Meadows pat at meadows.pair.com
Mon Oct 25 08:05:46 EDT 2004

>Someone who tried growing jicama here once told me that it takes a long 
>growing season and will only get half the size it will as ones you see in 
>the store.
>I've always wanted to try it -- I got as far as starting it in the 
>greenhouse -- but never got around to actually transplanting it out.
>If you try it, I'd say to start it as a transplant, and put it out as early 
>as possible and use IRT mulch and reemay.

Or you could try growing it in a large container that you
could bring inside in the autumn (this is assuming you have
room inside for a large container).  Since it's a vine, it
would probably need a trellis or support of some sort.

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