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> We are still about a month away from our first freeze.  Highs have been 
> in the 90s; lows in the 70s.  Lowest low, a couple of weeks ago, was 48.

October 2 it went a low as 25 degrees so here in the River Valley in western 
Iowa, we have been toasted really good for this year.  The only thing that is 
still our there are the brussel sprout, pumpkins, and squash.  We have had so 
much squash this year I haven't been able to only get a small portion of it 
sold.  The ground is still just covered with them, and we have been picking for 
almost two months.  Best crop I have ever raised in all the years of growing.  
We have corn doing 250 plus per acre this year as a norm,and for dryland corn 
yields this is really, really good.  What a great year for growing.
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