[Market-farming] garlic

Willie McKemie mf at austinfarm.org
Sun Oct 24 08:35:24 EDT 2004

Will someone remind me of sources of garlic sets?

Here in Central Texas, things are picking up a bit after the doldrums 
of summer.  Late tomatoes are just starting (after being promised to 
customers for WEEKS).  They are suffering from a light hail attack and 
wet weather.  Indian summer gives us an unexpectedly good supply of 
late okra.  Bell peppers are finally escaping sunburn, as the sun 
shifts to the south.  First planting of spinach, made about three weeks 
ago, has not emerged.  Probably due to heat.  Summer planted fall 
potatoes were an almost complete failure; about a 1-5% stand.  
Broccoli, mustard, radish, arugula are all doing nicely.  Persimmons 
were a pleasant surprise; we normally get around 20 boxes, this year we 
have at least 50.

We are still about a month away from our first freeze.  Highs have been 
in the 90s; lows in the 70s.  Lowest low, a couple of weeks ago, was 48.

While I'm rambling.... can anyone recommend a source of bare root 

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