[Market-farming] hearing concerns of child

mtlivestock crublee at libby.org
Thu Oct 14 13:19:50 EDT 2004

I must applauded you for thinking of this "unseen" risk for your child.

Do not leave a child alone. Not ever.  Let the phone ring, take a minute to
put a jacket on the child, or do whatever it takes to not allow the child to
be left alone.  I have never made enough from farming or missed a
very-important-call  that was worth more than a child.  A child that can't
get out of his playpen one minute will learn to do so the minute your back
is turned.  15 minutes to run outside can be enough time for  a child to
choke on his own vomit.

Have you considered off-hours as possible work hours?  A good light can
illuminate enough light to work after dark or before dawn while hubby gets
some one-on-one time with your child.  And you get some alone time to really
concentrate on your work.

It may sound far-fetched, but I have read an article on tilling after dark
keeps weeds from germinating.  All it takes is a good eyesight and lights on
a tractor.  We do more after dark than during light to make use of free
time.  We have built lean-tos, hay storage barns, and fixed fence all under
one spotlight.  It can be done.

Too many statistics can tell you what dangers are lurking around the farm
for you, your spouse, and your child.  Farming can be a dangerous business.

I am sure you will come up with safe and innovative ways to safeguard your
child while working.  It is obvious you put your child's safety first

Relax and allow that mother instinct to help you decide what is right for
your child.  (Even if your neighbors think you are bizarre hammering away
after dark!)    :-)

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