[Market-farming] Septoria

miranda at tagoresmith.com miranda at tagoresmith.com
Thu Oct 14 14:15:38 EDT 2004

Septoria spores overwinter in plant debris and/or leftover plastic
shards from plastic mulches. This is one disease problem that mandates
rotation. It's also important to pull as much plant debris out of the
ground as possible and compost it in a HOT pile. Till in the rest of the
debris in time for the last warmish weather to stimulate lots of
microbial action--you want other organisms eating the septoria. Then
plant rye or whatever--but keep the soil aerated and open as long as you
can until you absolutely HAVE to plant to get the cover crop established
in time.

Rotate and be certain that running water from the old, septoria-ridden
plot doesn't travel to the new plants.

Compost tea is a pretty good preventive measure and drip irrigation
doesn't hurt either. 

--As you might be able to tell from all this, I've had my share of
septoria problems. Using all of these techniques, not just one or two,
has worked for me.

Miranda Smith

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