[Market-farming] Winter, water, outside cats

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http://www.enasco.com/ has all kinds of heated stock waterers as well as 
thousands of other items.

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> Tom - we have about 30 outdoor cats and their water can freeze here in
> Kansas fairly regularly.  We often use a large black rubber water tub that
> we get at the farm store.  It absorbs the heat from the sun and the water
> stays warmer on cold days - plus we keep it in a reflective position near
> the house where it gets as many of the sun rays as possible.  If in fact 
> it
> does freeze I merely turn it over and step on it to remove the frozen 
> water
> and refill.  Sometimes I end up filling it twice in a day.  Also use 
> shallow
> ones for the chickens.
> Joan
> Windwalker Farm
> Ottawa, Kansas
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