[Market-farming] Winterizing Day-Neutral Strawberries

Allan Balliett igg at igg.com
Wed Oct 6 12:11:58 EDT 2004

Dear Friends -

It's embarassing how hard it is for me to get my mind around how to 
care for berries.

Right now I'm looking at day-neutral strawberries. I'm looking at 
Nourse's information on how to care for them. I've got that they 
should be mulched - AFTER the 6th hard freeze. What I don't see is 
any information about mowing them down, or anything like that.

We are still harvesting wonderfully sweet berries from these 
seascapes, so, it's easy to want to wait for the first real hard 
frost before giving up on them.

But, am I missing something here? Should I have mowed down the tops 
or something a little earlier?

Thanks -Allan

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