[Market-farming] re:Woody Cut Flowers/Bulbs for spring/summer

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Mon Oct 4 13:20:47 EDT 2004

Hi Georgene,
    Tho i have only lived in this colder Kentucky climate for 4 years, i
have found  that willow will root ANY time of the year - and fairly
quickly, too.  I have started willow in vases of water in the winter for
setting out in Spring.  It could also be done outside in our zone now and
have enough time to develop a root system for winter.  If now, i would
heavily mulch around the plantings.  A good way to start hard seed and
woody cuttings of the easier-rooting sort- is to dig a shallow trench and
fill with good soiless starting mix. Plug in your cuttings and keep the
trench always moist.  If you want these for moving and potting up in
Spring, simply use sections of black drainage pipe filled with the medium
and plant into those.  Fill the trench with anything organic to insulate
the spaces between.  In Spring, you can lift these bottomless "pots" up
and easily get all the roots intact - even those plants with longer tap
roots ( like Paw Paws). Willow is EASY.........matter of fact, i have
Black Willows around the pond that are downright invasive!

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