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Just a question:  When is the best time to root pussy willows?  Please and

Georgene - Farmer's Daughter's Organics
South Western Ohio

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Hi Allan,
    Pussy willow or any willow are the easiest things to root from
cuttings.  You will have more than you want within a few years from
starting!   You could even go to a florist and buy one bunch of fresh
pussywillow, cut it into 6-8" sections and root in water to plant out. 
Willow contains a natural rooting compound, much like the hormonal
product "Rootone".  I would also suggest planting gorgeous curly willow
aka corkscrew willow.....a background filler in gorgeous asian-style
arrangements.  Various types if witch hazel can be very ornamental with
fall flowers or winter arrangements.
     I have a lovely, huge bunch of Celosia 'Flamingo Feather' (pink
plume-like blooms) that will be in color here for awhile yet - a filler
flower for arrangements......providing waaay too much seed  for next year

     The  Dahlias are going strong until frost.
     I also like the sprays of red berries on the few female asparagus in
the big patch....lovely in wreaths.
     Pyracantha add color and bird food.
    Mums of all sorts are a hit for Fall, as are end of the summer
zinnias that are still blooming pretty strongly here in E. KY.
    I also look forward to responses here...........in the next few
weeks, that first frost will slam the gardens and the decline of color
from our plantings.  Much to learn from all of you!!

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