[Market-farming] Ruth Stout

Nan Johnson nan at olemiss.edu
Tue Nov 30 17:59:56 EST 2004

Karen (originally from western Mass.) now from Dominica wrote:

" I am trying now in Dominica to see if her [Ruth Stout]system is one of the 
agricultural "truths" that translates to tropical ag.....  or is another 
"truth" I have to unlearn."

HAH!  As a transplanted Massachusetts organic grower, now in Miss., I have 
learned (the very hard way) that some northern "truths" do not transplant 
well.  So I would love to hear from you Karen as you  try this out 
(especially as I have clay soil too!)  My guess is that since our high temps 
burn up alot (ALOT) more organic matter than up north, the system will be 
modified.  Thanks.

nan at Dancing Goats Farm
N. Mississippi, zone 7b

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