[Market-farming] Ruth Stout

Bill Huhman bill at farmerbill.downhomecountry.info
Tue Nov 30 15:27:03 EST 2004

My plant manager back in 1982 loaned me one of Ms Stout's books when I 
borrowed his garden tiller to work up some ground. Between that and some of 
the ideas in Square Foot Gardening, my methods have usually got the 
neighbors scratching their heads all the time. But then, we sure do pack a 
lot of vegetables into a small area, and the clay here looks better every year.

  BTW, we're processing the last of the season's peppers today.

Happy holiday season!


At 03:17 PM 11/30/2004, you wrote:
>I would just like to thank whom ever it was that mentioned Ruth Stout on 
>this website a few years ago.  I have finally found a couple of her books 
>and was not able to put them down!  All this talk about hard soil made me 
>think of it.  I have implemented her way of thinking into my large scale 
>gardening and I am so happy with the results.  Granted, I still have a few 
>years to go until it is where I want it to be, but it will be well worth 
>the wait! I also do this for my 6000 sq. ft. garden.  I have really 
>noticed a difference out there as it was not in the best shape a few years 
>ago.  Talk about hard soil! She says it only takes 4 years to get good, 
>loose compost soil made and then it is nothing from then on! And each year 
>after you first start, it improves each season. I just build layers on top 
>of layers where ever I have space to grow things. And of course I throw 
>all my house compost right on to the garden and let it work it's magic. 
>You don't see it after a few days anyway, and this time a year, typically, 
>the snow will cover it up! I just got done making 5 new herb and flower 
>beds around the milk house and house, and each one has 6 layers on them so 
>far.  No soil, just wet newpapers on the bottom, then layers of what ever 
>you can get your hands on.  Like wood shavings, peat moss (lots of that is 
>good), leaves, compost & a little bit of wood ash.  I add a layer of peat 
>on top of each new layer I put down.  I can't wait to see how they look 
>come spring time.  They seem like they are a mile high now, but I know 
>they will settle down when they start doing their thing!  Thanks again to 
>whom ever it was!  I wish she was still around, she seems like she was one 
>cool chic!!
>Herb Thyme
>Middlefield, Oh
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