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Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Mon Nov 29 10:24:42 EST 2004

Not just mud daubers either, folks.  Spiders LOVE to build webs in the seed
drop channel.  We always check that the seed is dropping before we use ours.
Paul has gotten really good at taking it apart to clean out the webs.  Just
be careful, we have black widows, and the channel is perfect environment for

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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> I have had good luck with the Earthways except when the ground is rough
> and when the mud dobbers built a nest in one.
> Marie in Missouri
> Looking at the new Johnny's catalog. For a long while, I have been 
> needing a seeder to plant small seeds in relatively short rows, 
> 10'-100'. I have heard negative reports on Earthways.
> Willie,
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