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Mark A Abner wizard1 at kih.net
Fri Nov 26 13:08:27 EST 2004

I imagine that a battery powerd weed eater stout enough to do heavey work would
weigh more than a lagre gas one as batterys are pretty heavy . I have a 32 cc sears
craftsman gas weed eater that uses heavy line in short peices rather than spools
that is quick and easy to change line when it wears out and has an extra heat that
takes a saw blade type cutter to cut small brush if you wanted to tough I never use
it just cut aournd the brush with weed eater and cut the bushes our with limb
    I use the dickens out of that weed eater cleaning out fence rows to put int new
fences as well as keeping electric fences clear of grass and weeds and briars that
would short them out. I probably use that weedeater more than any other tool on the


Pat Meadows wrote:

> On Fri, 26 Nov 2004 12:04:18 EST, you wrote:
> >Dear Friends,
> >
> >I seek your advice on high-quality, professional grade cordless weed wackers
> >that would be useful for use at community gardens, schools, etc.
> >
> >I figure you have experience and would know which brands/models have enough
> >power to do some serious cutting.  My goal is to have a cordless re-chargeable
> >electric weed wacker that can cut heavy weeds and vines.
> >
> >Thanks for your recommendations and for letting me learn from your experience.
> >
> We have given up on electric weed whackers, and decided that
> they are useless.  Even ones *with* cords.
> We now use a weed whacker with a small (gasoline-powered)
> motor.  It's larger and heavier but it WORKS.  It would cut
> through your heavy weeds and vines.
> Pat
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