[Market-farming] Size of high tunnels

Jim Vibert jim at windwalkerboats.com
Wed Nov 24 13:05:19 EST 2004

Alan, we have a 20 by 100  high wall with 8 by 8  double doors at each end
to get a Kubota in with a tiller.  The length is almost too short at 100.
Joan has 20 to 25 varieties growing in it with another 3 or 4 items for a K
State test.  However,  we roll up the sides and I think it might be a
stretch to roll up a 150 foot wall from one end.  If you go to three smaller
houses with your parts you will have six ends to build not two, much more
work.  Our smaller house is 40 feet long and it is a tight fit for our BCS.
Our big house is also situated so it gets the run off from the land around
it so it is always moist except for the hot dry summer weeks where we use
drip.  The south end has a moat around it as water is a problem in heavy

-- Jim Vibert
Windwalker Farm

Alan Whitaker11/23/04 8:51 PM

> What is the size of high tunnels that most of you are using?  I bought a 24' x
> 150'
> from a fellow last year for $300.  I've thought about making 3 - 48 footers.
> Do you all make/build yours longer or shorter?
> thanks.......*Alan

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