[Market-farming] Hard soil inside the High tunnels

Wiediger, Alison awiediger at HART.k12.ky.us
Wed Nov 24 10:51:14 EST 2004

Yes, and with high tunnel technology getting "ramped-up" in the US, the
research we really need is in cover crops and other soil building.  We all
know the growing part works, but those of us who are seasonal outside, need
more information on building soil when growing year-round.  What crops are
best in the close confines - give us the most in the least time, and are
easy to incorporate with hand tools or small tillage (tiller).

Alison Wiediger, Au Naturel Farm

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> From: 	David Inglis[SMTP:mhcsa at bcn.net]
> Another factor may be that it is as difficult to maintain Organic matter
> in your overheated greenhouse as is it is in the tropics it resembles for
> much of the year. I think if most of us were to transfer our cropping
> techniques to the tropical environs that our greenhouse resembles we would
> end up with similar results: salt burdened, hard packed, low organic
> matter  unresponsive soils.
> David A. Inglis
> Mahaiwe Harvest C.S.A.

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