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seems to be pretty easy to find adapters fo r  planets for handplnting on ebay.com

pimnpoints need very fine seed bed adn dont hold up to large acres of plantings 

best seems to be stanhays  for versitility and longevity ~ $800 each 
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> Looking at the new Johnny's catalog.  For a long while, I have been 
> needing a seeder to plant small seeds in relatively short rows, 
> 10'-100'.  I have heard negative reports on Earthways.  How about some 
> recommendations?  Earthway?  Glaser? Pinpoint?
> I use dual PlanetJrs on a tool bar to plant spinach, peas, and beans, 
> an acre or two at a time, and I've been thinking of converting an old 
> Planet Jr to a push planter but haven't found the parts.  How's that 
> for a run-on sentence?  The PlanetJrs need pretty clean bed tops and I 
> have a need to plant through trash.  The "Stick" planter and the 
> "Easy-Plant" might solve that problem; has anyone used both?  Can 
> anyone comment on planting speed?  Might they be able to plant an acre 
> at 5'x2" in an hour or two?  Or three?  It looks like the "Easy-Plant" 
> might have to be hand-fed one seed at a time.
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