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Beth Spaugh eas9 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 22 10:10:57 EST 2004

I'll try to paint a word picture, because I have seen this but not built it 
yet - a this winter project.

Get two pieces of plexiglass, at least one fairly non-floppy. Lay them on 
top of each other, over your flat. Drill holes through both to line up one 
hole per cell. Keep the holes small - size for one seed, so yes we will 
probably want several sets. I think the bottom sheet can have large holes, 
and needs to be firm enough to not sag, and just have different top sheets 
for different seeds.

Anyway, the way it works is to slide the sheets so the holes are not lined 
up. Sprinkle seeds on top and tilt it up and down to distribute the seeds. 
Yes, we need a little frame, which can have a groove to slide the top sheet 
in. After the seeds have dropped one per hole, pour the extras off, so the 
frame needs to have an opening, put the thing over the flat and line the 
holes up. The seeds drop through the bottom holes into the cells.

At 08:45 AM 11/22/2004 -0500, you wrote:
>I use a cheap plastic device that cost $2. it is a lot faster than using a 
>toothpick or fingers. Most catalogues carry this hand seeder and I have 
>also seen it at places like TSC, Lowe's, wal-mart, etc..
>This hand seeder takes a bit of learning how to use it so it does not dump 
>30 seeds per cell but after the small learning curve it really speeds 
>things up.
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