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Tracie Smith traciestasty at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 21 17:25:58 EST 2004

>>Looking at the new Johnny's catalog.  For a long while, I have been
>needing a seeder to plant small seeds in relatively short rows,
>10'-100'.  I have heard negative reports on Earthways.  How about some
>recommendations?  Earthway?  Glaser? Pinpoint?
>I use dual PlanetJrs on a tool bar to plant spinach, peas, and beans,
>an acre or two at a time, and I've been thinking of converting an old
>Planet Jr to a push planter but haven't found the parts.  How's that
>for a run-on sentence?  The PlanetJrs need pretty clean bed tops and I
>have a need to plant through trash.  The "Stick" planter and the
>"Easy-Plant" might solve that problem; has anyone used both?  Can
>anyone comment on planting speed?  Might they be able to plant an acre
>at 5'x2" in an hour or two?  Or three?  It looks like the "Easy-Plant"
>might have to be hand-fed one seed at a time.

Hi Willie

>From my experience, the jab planters are slow for seeding and yes you do 
have to feed seeds one at a time.  I have tried the EArthway push seeder and 
have not found it effective for larger seeded crops.  Very uneven seeding.  
I know someone who is using the pinpoint and it is very effective for them.  
I don't plant more than 2000' of beans and peas, so I just drag a hoe along 
these rows to make an imprint, place seeds along these rows, then use the 
hoe to cover up the rows and that works fairly quick, though not quick 
enough.  I haven''t found a good seeder for hand sowing large seeded crops.  
You lose out on space once you try to get a tractor in between your rows.

Good luck,

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